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NCCCO Updates Safety Engineers at Northrop Grumman

March 2010  – At the January 21 meeting of the New Orleans chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), NCCCO Program Manager Joel Oliva brought more than 50 construction safety professionals up to date with the latest information on NCCCO’s crane operator certification programs and how they directly improve crane safety.

Oliva also covered current crane safety standards and the new proposed federal rule (C-DAC), its potential ramifications for the industry, and how getting involved with NCCCO can help ensure that crane users meet current and proposed requirements for the certification of personnel that work in and around cranes.

Hosted by Northrop Grumman’s Avondale Operations Plant, ASSE had a crane simulator available for attendees to experience firsthand the challenges of operating cranes in various conditions. “This full-motion simulator replicates real-world conditions and realistically demonstrates why crane operator training when combined with CCO certification is so vital to a safe workplace,” noted ASSE Chapter President Legier Kuhner.

NCCCO’s Oliva explained, “Getting involved with NCCCO by hosting a certification exam or becoming an accredited Practical Examiner is a great way to proactively ensure everyone on your job site involved in lifting operations is reading off the same page in regard to safety.”