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NCCCO Launches Rigger Examiner Training

May 2009 – The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators conducted the first open training of Rigger Examiners in Sacramento, California, March 30-April 1.

The event was hosted by A Better Valley Crane Inc. of Sacramento, CA. Eleven practical examiners from five (5) states, already accredited by NCCCO to administer CCO crane practical exams, received training in the administration of NCCCO's new Rigger Practical Exam.

The two-day workshop included hands-on training for examiner candidates including exam set up, rigging kit and score sheet use.  Classroom work included detailed instruction in pre and post-exam processes, auditing requirements, critical test design, avoidance of subjective-decision processes and bias behavior, Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS), and inter- and intra-examiner reliability.


Pictured (from left) in front of the rigging and portable gantry used for the CCO Rigger practical exam are Tim Baliel, Robert Curtis and Roy Moore of A Better Valley Crane, and NCCCO Workshop Instructor Phillip Kinser. 

Phillip Kinser, NCCCO's Manager of Program Development and instructor for the Rigger Examiner Workshop, noted that having examiner candidates introduced to psychometric concepts was critical for an understanding of how their behavior and resulting actions may affect inter-examiner reliability and consequently the validity of the exam process.

A Better Valley Crane has hosted a number of NCCCO mobile crane workshops.  Company president, Tim Baliel, said he sponsored the rigger workshop since he was anxious to respond to customers requesting rigger training and certification in order to meet Cal-OSHA's new rigger qualification requirements.