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Examiners From Six More States Sign on for Signalperson Certification

March 2009 – In a show of support for NCCCO’s two latest certification programs, Safety Resources Unlimited (SRU hosted a two-day Signalperson Practical Examiner Workshop at its Oklahoma City, OK headquarters in January, followed by a three-day Rigger Task Force meeting.

A total of eight examiners from six states graduated from the Signalperson Workshop, bringing the total number of Practical Examiners available to administer the CCO Signalperson practical exam to well over 100 nationwide.  The group included experienced mobile, tower, and overhead practical examiners as well as those new to the CCO practical examination process.

“Signalpersons play a vital role in construction work, and the need for them to be trained and tested is paramount to safe lifting practices,” said Jennifer Sale, President of Safety Resources Unlimited.  “NCCCO has created an excellent exam testing real life applications you see everyday.”

Since October 2008 when the Signalperson program was launched, NCCCO has offered six Signalperson Workshops nationwide in locations across the country from California to Pennsylvania.

The new Signalperson program uses a unique computer based program allowing all testing to be done by computer generated media and in a classroom facility.  “NCCCO has effectively created an exam that replicates real world scenarios, while making the testing platform efficient and easy to administer from both the candidate’s and examiner’s perspective,” said Sale.

Immediately following the workshop in Oklahoma City, NCCCO’s Rigger Task Force continued its work on the soon-to-be released Rigger Certification Program.  “It shows the excellent support that our volunteers have for the NCCCO mission by getting involved in both new programs,” said Don Jordan, Lifting Technical Authority for BP America and Chairman of NCCCO’s Rigger Task Force.  “Both programs will help make our industry safer, and it’s encouraging to see this level of enthusiasm.”