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North Carolina Firms Host CCO Workshop

June 2008 - In a joint effort, two North Carolina-based companies, Heede Southeast and Crane Operator Certification and Inspection (COCI), co-hosted a NCCCO Overhead Crane Practical Examiner Workshop in March.

Five candidates from three different states attended the workshop, which took place in Pineville, NC.  All were currently accredited practical examiners qualified to administer CCO exams for Mobile or Tower and were looking to add Overhead to their CCO Practical Examiner status.

”As the industry begins to see an increase in the use of overhead cranes, more companies are looking for their crane operators to hold a CCO certification for overhead cranes,” said Mike Hundley, Safety Manager of Heede Southeast.


As co-hosts for the event, Heede Southeast and COCI provided cranes, classroom facilities, and meals for all participants during the two-day workshop.  “NCCCO has done a great job of putting together these practical examiner workshops,” said Hundley.  “They are very informative and presented in such a great environment.”

Heede Southeast supports the CCO programs through offering training courses in the tower crane and overhead crane program.  It has established a permanent practical CCO test site at its Pineville, NC site with its Linden Comansa hammerhead style, cab-operated tower crane.  “Our tower crane is available for anyone who needs to take their CCO tower crane practical,” said Hundley, who also indicated he plans to run overhead practical exams with Heede’s overhead crane.


Crane Operator Certification and Inspection offers training for a variety of safety and health topics, including the CCO mobile crane program at its Stanley, NC site.  The company also provides practical tests for all three CCO crane specialties.  “Quality training to employees is the most effective and beneficial way a company can achieve the ultimate goal of an accident free workplace,” said Steve Reynolds, President of COCI.  “The CCO program has promoted this practice in a very positive way for our industry.”

While NCCCO’s largest crane operator certification program continues to be for mobile cranes, both the tower crane and overhead crane programs are gathering speed.  “These workshops are important in order to support the programs growth and ensure that candidates will be able to find examiners when they want to test,” said Reynolds.