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Prior Notice Now Required for Certain Practical Test Administrations

December 2007 - To maintain the integrity of the Practical Examiner Accreditation Program and to facilitate Practical Exam Audits, NCCCO now requires Practical Examiners, in certain circumstances, to inform NCCCO of their intention to test.

This notification must be via email no less than 48 business hours prior to testing.  They must also notify NCCCO by email or telephone if their testing plans change.

This requirement applies to five categories of Practical Examiners: (i) all Probationary Practical Examiners, (ii) Practical Examiners with exceptionally high or low pass rates as identified by NCCCO, (iii) Practical Examiners at new test sites, (iv) Practical Examiners chosen via a revolving random selection, and (v) any Practical Examiner who NCCCCO has reason to believe has intentionally sought to avoid a Practical Exam Audit.  Practical Examiners falling into one or more of these categories will be notified via email at the time their CAD drawing is developed, that prior notice of testing must be provided. Exams will not be scored if NCCCO does not receive prior notice.

In an additional test integrity related change, Practical Examiners who have been sanctioned due to irregularities in testing are now responsible for expenses incurred by NCCCO and IAI for the retesting of candidates whose scores have been invalidated due to irregularities caused by the sanctioned Practical Examiner.

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