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NCCCO Overhead Program Gathers Pace

September 2007 - Crane Tech of Tampa, Florida, spoke volumes to the overhead crane industry recently when its entire company team of field consultants became accredited by NCCCO as overhead crane operator practical examiners. 

Crane Tech President, Bo Collier, said it best when he noted, “The industry has started to realize the operation of overhead cranes and hoists is more than pushing a button or pulling a lever.  The responsibilities of safe operation and competent inspection may only be correctly performed through proper instruction and hands-on training followed by CCO certification.”


Collier noted that training and certification can go a long way towards eliminating poor load handing techniques and needless damage to equipment.  “Competent CCO-certified operators are capable of recognizing mechanical, electrical and hoisting conditions that may result in equipment damage or loss of load.  In this regard, training and certification provide immediate and measurable results.”

Founded in 1977, Crane Tech provides a wide range of training services from its state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of Tampa Bay, Florida.  Regularly scheduled open- enrollment seminars cover subjects such as mobile crane operation and inspection, overhead cranes, rigging, safety management, and scaffold erection, along with train-the-trainer courses on forklifts and aerial lifts.  Off-site training is also provided for both large and small groups that have been recognized by many major U.S. government agencies.


The Overhead Crane Practical Examiner Accreditation Workshop, instructed by NCCCO staff July 7-8, was preceded by a day of overhead crane written tests administered by Chief Examiners from International Assessment Institute (IAI), which provides testing services for NCCCO.  The entire team of Crane Tech professionals attended the workshop, and they successfully passed the Overhead Crane Practical Examiner and Written Accreditation Workshop exams.  With this achievement behind them, Collier stated his firm had reached another important milestone with the ability to provide access to CCO Overhead Crane Operator Certification to Crane Tech’s training clients.

Collier has been active within NCCCO for several years.  He served as a member of the Overhead Crane Task Force during the development of the program, and continues to serve on the Exam Management Committee that oversees its administration and ongoing development. Collier also serves as an NCCCO Commissioner.