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NCCCO Removes the Requirement for Submitting Physical Exam Forms

March 2007 - Effective March 1, 2007, NCCCO is no longer requiring the submission of the DOT-CDL or NCCCO physical exam forms as part of the candidate application. 

However, candidates must still comply with ASME B30 physical requirements in order to receive and maintain their CCO certification, and they must attest to compliance with these requirements when making their application.

These changes are reflected in the new revision of the CCO Candidate Handbooks and in the attestation statement on the Candidate Application form.  Candidates may start using the new Candidate Application immediately.  However, for a period of four months until July 1, 2007, IAI will accept the old Candidate Application form with the submission on the physical/medical form as in the past. 

Only candidates who submit the new Candidate Application form and sign the new candidate attestation need not submit the physical exam form.

The policy change, approved by NCCCO’s Board of Directors in December, is aimed at streamlining the CCO application process without diminishing program requirements.

“Clearly, it is vitally important that CCO-certified crane operators are physically and mentally able to operate cranes safely,” said NCCCO Executive Director, Graham Brent.  “This change in NCCCO administrative procedures is geared simply to reducing the paperwork burden on candidates, one which we believe they, and the industry, will welcome.  In no way does this new procedure affect NCCCO’s position on the need for operators to be physically qualified, in accordance with the provisions of the ASME B30 standard,” he said.

Brent reaffirmed that only candidates using the new application form and signing the new attestation statement would be able to take advantage of this new policy.