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Certification of Crane Operators
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Overhead Program Adopts Changes to the Practical Exam

March 2007 - The NCCCO Overhead Crane Management Committee has incorporated three minor changes in the requirements for the Practical Exam course setup and procedures, effective March 1, 2007.

The changes are as follows:

1. For Task 4, Trolley Lay Down, a chain length of 13’ minimum to 15’ maximum is now permitted.

This modification is designed to allow a greater number of companies who have limited hook height on their overhead cranes to participate in the CCO Overhead Crane Operator program without compromising the integrity of the test.

2. For cab-operated cranes, the maximum permitted horizontal distance between the cab controls and the center of Circle #1 has been set at 50 ft.

This limitation sets the maximum distance from a test course that cab-operated cranes can be positioned. This helps to standardize this task for all candidates and serves to ensure that a candidate can successfully perform the tasks during the Overhead Practical Exam without hand signals.

3. The following statement has been incorporated into the Verbatim Instructions for Task 4, Trolley Lay Down: “The Examiner will give the instruction “Go” to the candidate when the immediate target master links are down and stable, inside or outside the target.”.

This instruction removes the candidate’s uncertainty of when to proceed with the task after hitting or missing the immediate target.