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Certification of Crane Operators
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NCCCO Announces Reduction in Hand Scoring and Testing Cancellation Fees

March 2007 - NCCCO has announced a reduction in certain fees charged by its testing contractor, International Assessment Institute (IAI). 

Effective March 1, 2007, a hand score of an exam failed by a candidate is reduced to $25 from $50. Hand scores of two or more written exams taken at one test administration remain at $50.

In addition, the fee for a test site that cancels without fifteen (15) days prior written notice is reduced to $400 from $500.  However, test sites that cancel between sixteen (16) and thirty (30) days prior to the exam date will incur a charge of $100.

The new fees are effective immediately.  However, for a period of one year, test sites that cancel or reschedule within sixteen (16) and thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled test date will be notified of this new fee rather than charged on the first occurrence. Charges will, however, apply, to all subsequent incidents for that test site.