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Morrow Equipment Company Hosts NCCCO Spring Meetings

July 2006 - Portland, OR was the venue for the 2006 spring meetings of the NCCCO Commission in April.  Morrow Equipment Company, headquartered in Salem, OR, was the generous host for the four-day event.

Christian Chalupny, Morrow President, noted that his company had been an enthusiastic supporter of the NCCCO program from the outset, but that it was not until three years ago that the company became directly involved as a major sponsor of the CCO tower crane certification program.  “We felt strongly that tower crane operators should reap the same benefits of certification that their mobile crane counterparts had enjoyed since 1996,” Chalupny said.  “We were delighted NCCCO decided to expand in this way and are proud to have been a significant supporter of the tower crane program.”

Chalupny, who attended part of the NCCCO Commission meeting along with Morrow Chairman, John Morrow and Vice Chairman, Richard Morrow, also noted that Peter Juhren, a 26-year Morrow veteran who has served as the company’s National Service Manager for the last 12 years, had served on the original NCCCO Tower Crane Task Force, and was now a member of the Tower Crane Management Committee, as well as an Alternate Commissioner.  In addition to serving on the ASME B30 Committee, Juhren is chairman of the B30.3 Sub-Committee for Construction Tower Cranes, and a member of the ASME B30.4 Sub-Committee for Portal, Tower and Pedestal Cranes.  He also served on the OSHA C-DAC Committee that completely revised the 30-year-old OSHA Standard 1926.550 sub-part N.

Morrow Equipment CO., L.L.C., is the exclusive distributor for Liebherr tower cranes in the US, Canada, Mexico, Austrailia and New Zeland.  The company also ownes and operates the largest fleet of tower cranes in North America. Morrow provides construction and material handling customers with a wide range of services at 23 locations.

NCCCO Spring 2006 Morrow 
l - r: Peter Juhren, Christian Chalupny, Rick Morrow, John Morrow, Kerry Hulse