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Essex Liebherr Crawler Selected for NCCCO Practical Exam

June 2006 - CCO Practical Exam candidates were in for a treat when they signed up to take their hands-on exam with East Texas Crane Academy in April.  

Chosen as the practical test crane for the lattice boom crane exam was a brand new Liebherr LR 1200 SX, one of a dozen bought by Essex Crane Rental, and never before used for CCO practical exam testing.  Essex also provided the Arcola, Texas test site for the CCO exams. 

essex crawler for practical exam

The 275 ton capacity machines, built by Liebherr in Nenzing, Austria, feature boom configurations and options reportedly available exclusively to Essex.  Essex expects them to be particularly useful for application in the booming wind turbine industry.

According to CCO Accredited Practical Examiner, Joe Bob Williams, President, East Texas Crane Academy, the LR1200 SX was a hit with all the 25 candidates that tested on it.  “To a man, they all bragged on the crane as the best they had ever operated,” said Williams. “It's really state-of-the-art.  The radius indicator was precise to the inch.”