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South Carolina DOT Mandates CCO Certification

April 2006 - South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) recently conducted its first NCCCO practical exams at its Columbia, SC site. 

Michael Phillips Sr. of SCDOT’s Specialized Bridge Division tested 34 candidates in preparation for meeting the SCDOT mandatory requirement for CCO crane operators that became effective in January 2006.  SCDOT now requires crane operators for all critical lifts during land, barge and multi-crane operations to be CCO-certified.  A CCO requirement for non-critical lifts is being phased in over a three-year period.

Phillips received training as an NCCCO accredited Practical Examiner at the Spring Hope, North Carolina site of Edwards, Inc.  A National 10 ton boom truck, a Telelect 22 ton boom truck, and a Link Belt LS138 II lattice boom crane were used for testing in the small telescopic boom crane, large telescopic boom crane, and lattice boom crane categories, respectively.  

Phillips stated, “This has been a good experience for us at SCDOT” and noted that the testing process has also helped to identify SCDOT’s specific training needs.

South Carolina DOT

South Carolina DOT mobilized a National 10 ton boom truck for use on the small crane category of the NCCCO practical exam.

South Carolina DOT2