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Certification of Crane Operators
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Commissioners Assemble Virtually for Spring Meetings

Comm Mtg-no ID_500xMay 4, 2021—The 50th Biannual NCCCO Commissioners Meeting and spring committee meetings were once again held virtually this time around because of COVID restrictions. During the week of April 27–30, six committees and the full Commission met using videoconferencing. The Commissioners and guests were updated on numerous new internal initiatives, and the Commission voted on recent committee decisions.

Six Commissioners and six Alternates were elected to five-year terms, effective July 1, 2021.


  • William Smith, NBIS (Insurance category)
  • Dennis Eckstine, Eckstine & Associates (Consultant category)
  • Jorge Vial, Vial Equipment Corp. (International category)
  • Travis Simmons, IUOE Local 673 (Labor category)
  • Jim Jacobs, IUOE Local 3 (Labor category)
  • Jeffery Smith, ExxonMobile (Owner category)


  • Matthew Eckstine, Eckstine & Associates (Consultant)
  • Ruben Olivas Saunders, Tadano America (International)
  • Patrick Peterson, IUOE Local 15 (Labor)
  • Thomas Gordon, IUOE Local 14 (Labor)
  • James Lindsay, Link-Belt Cranes (Manufacturer)
  • Jason Fancher, CICB (Consultant)

The fall meetings and Commission meeting—as well as the 25th Anniversary Gala and 6th Industry Forum—will be held in person in Arlington, VA, during the week of 8–12, 2021.