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Liebherr Sponsors Calculators for CCO Exams

Liebherr-calculator_200xSeptember 2020—For the fourth consecutive year, Liebherr USA, Co. is generously providing sponsorship of calculators for NCCCO candidates to use on approved written certification exams at paper-pencil test administrations. For security reasons, candidates are not permitted to bring their own calculators into the testing room, so they are provided with basic four-function calculators at no cost when taking certain paper-and-pencil specialty written exams.

Calculators have been supplied for Mobile Crane Operator specialty exams since 2012, after NCCCO conducted a study that concluded that use of calculators on load chart calculations would be appropriate, as long as basic arithmetic was being tested without calculator use on the Core exam. Since that study, many newly developed certification exams also allow use of a calculator, including the Digger Derrick and Dedicated Pile Driver operator, Mobile Crane Inspector, Mobile and Tower Crane Lift Director, and Rigger Level II exams.

“Liebherr is proud to support the CCO certification programs offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). Through this sponsorship, we hope to contribute to certification programs that play such a big role in equipment safety and help prepare the next generation of crane operators.” said Bret H. Jacobson, Liebherr General Manager—Sales Administration & Product Marketing. “This highly visible sponsorship opportunity demonstrates Liebherr’s commitment to NCCCO’s primary mission of promoting safe lifting practices.” Liebherr Mobile and Crawler Cranes, division of Liebherr USA, Co., sells and markets Liebherr all-terrain and larger crawler cranes in the United States.