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Kenny Shinn Honored by NCCCO Commission

K Shinn screen grabDecember 2019—Longtime NCCCO Commissioner and Committee member, Kenneth (“Kenny”) J. Shinn, who passed away June 5, was recognized for his contributions to crane safety and, in particular, crane operator certification, at the 47th Biannual Meeting of the NCCCO Commission held in Crosby (Houston) Texas in October.

Former NCCCO CEO, Graham Brent, paid tribute to Kenny’s more than 20 years of service noting that he had been one of the program’s earliest and most dedicated participants, serving on more than a dozen committees and task forces, several of them as chairman, and had been a Commissioner since April 2010 until his death earlier this year.

Kenny Shinn’s family receives recognition at the most recent NCCCO Commissioners Meeting.

Brent also noted that Kenny had been a NCCCO certified Mobile Crane operator continuously since 1997 and held certifications in six additional programs including the latest (that he helped develop), Dedicated Pile Driver.  He was one of the first to be accredited as a Practical Examiner (subsequently adding accreditations in four other programs) and administered almost 1,800 practical exams, an extraordinary achievement.  He had been active as an NCCCO Practical Exam Auditor since 2005 and had chaired the Practical Exam Audit Committee since it was formed in 2017.  He was also a charter member of NCCCO’s Crane Type Advisory Group (CTAG).

“The NCCCO program is the result of the work of scores of experts over the years but I doubt none has given more nor remained so steadfast a contributor and supporter than Kenny Shinn,” Brent said.  Brent recalled the many times Kenny would change his plans in order to be at special meetings such as legislative hearings or to be a witness at historic events such as the ceremony for the signing of the Recognition Agreement with Federal OSHA in 1999.

“Kenny’s passing has left a giant hole in the fabric of NCCCO that we know for sure will not be easily repaired, if at all,” Brent said.

And he had done it all with the utmost humility and deference.  “It will surprise no-one who knew Kenny that he spent his last days texting friends and colleagues notes of appreciation, thanking them for what he said “they had done for him.” 

“How like Kenny to be thanking people for whom he had done so much, but which he was too humble to take credit for or even to acknowledge,” said Brent.

In introducing a video tribute created for Kenny’s family who attended the meeting, Brent said, “While Kenny may not be able to be with us in person today, he does have a place at the table, and we are so encouraged that through this video, his voice—the voice of a true Difference Maker—will live on forever.”

View the video tribute to Kenny here.