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CONEXPO 2020 Education Focus: Responsibilities of Onsite Personnel for Cranes

October 2019—The national consensus standard for cranes (ASME B30) has made enormous strides in recent years in defining the responsibilities of on-site personnel. Although these responsibilities were defined in order to make the worksite a safer place, many employees and employers are unaware of their various responsibilities.

CONEXPO ed session-THOM_200xThis presentation by industry expert, Thom Sicklesteel, formerly president of Sicklesteel Cranes and now CEO of NCCCO, will focus on the different responsibilities of individuals on the jobsite, what their roles are, and what training and qualification is necessary to meet the requirements.

Safe worksites have clear work rules and delegation of responsibilities, he said. “For more than 10 years, the industry safety standards for cranes have established roles and responsibilities for the Site Supervisor, Crane User, Crane Owner, Lift Director and Operator. However, many of the sites that utilize cranes do not address these roles or responsibilities in their contracts, their processes, or with their vendors,” Sicklesteel said.

Safe worksites have clear rules and responsibilities that employers need to know.

Unfortunately, these roles and responsibilities did not make their way into the recently finalized OSHA crane rule (most of the federal language was finalized years before the B30 standard that addressed this issue was published). Moreover, the ASME standard continues to be updated with respect to the roles of rigger, signalperson, site safety supervisor, and general contractor.

So how do employers align the two? For those wondering whether to attend his session, Sicklesteel has this to say: “Cranes have among the highest regulation and most strict industry safety standards for any piece of equipment on the jobsite. In a little over 40 minutes, we’ll aim to provide the latest information in the changing landscape of responsibilities for crane operations. Attendees will go away with a comprehensive understanding of their roles, the roles of others, and how to comply not just with the OSHA rules, but with the best practices industry has to offer.”

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