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A Dozen (More) Reasons to Come to CONEXPO!

September 2019—If you’re a veteran of the once-every-three-years equipment extravaganza known as CONEXPO you will need no convincing of the extraordinary value of the education tracks that have become a central feature of the event’s experience. If you’re new to CONEXPO, however, it may come as a surprise to learn that education can take other forms than just gazing at shiny new iron—as instructive and fun as that can be!

For 2020, AEM, the organizers of CONEXPO, are reprising their internationally recognized line-up of seminars and workshops from speakers from around the U.S. and the World who will present on a huge variety of subjects from current methods and trends in quarry production and plant design, to building business strategies and attracting new talent to your business.

However, of most interest to the crane-using community will be no less than a dozen crane and rigging presentations sponsored by the NCCCO Foundation and the SC&RA. They are sure to draw large crowds based on the expertise of the speakers—all of whom are veteran safety professionals and experts in their field—as well as the timeliness of the subject matter.

So, to put the question another way: If you were invited to attend a conference where you could learn what the main causes of crane accidents were and how to manage the aftermath of a crane accident; what the best practices were for inspecting cranes and rigging; how the responsibilities for onsite crane personnel have changed; or what OSHA now requires employers to do to ensure crane operators are qualified, would you attend? If the answer is anything other than “no,” now is the time to register for CONEXPO!

However, whether you’re attending the education programming or just the equipment show itself, be sure to also check out five more great reasons to go to CONEXPO 2020 next March.

All speakers at CONEXPO 2020 Education are veteran safety professionals and experts in their field.

Education Abounds at CONEXPO 2020

The following educations sessions are sponsored in part by NCCCO and should be of particular interest to those involved with crane safety:

  • Crane Inspection – How Do You Do That? Ray Feidt, Corporate Inspection/Training Manager, Stephenson Equipment
  • How To Manage a Crane Accident, Joseph Collins, Heavy Lift Manager, Becht Engineering
  • Managing Crane Ground Bearing Pressures, Joseph Collins, Heavy Lift Manager, Becht Engineering
  • Best Practices for Inspecting and Connecting Your Rigging, Jim Canfield, National Sales Manager, All Material Handling
  • Best Practices for Oversized Cranes & Specialized Carrier Permits, Steven Todd, Vice President, Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association
  • Responsibilities for Onsite Personnel for Cranes, Thom Sicklesteel, CEO, NCCCO
  • Qualifications in the Crane Industry: What Does It Take? Graham Brent, CEO, NCCCO Foundation, and Thom Sicklesteel, CEO, NCCCO
  • How to Delay/Prevent Rope Twist and Cabling from Rope-Sheave Interaction, Joost Eertman, Technical Director, Ropeblock NV
  • Developing a Quality Control/Quality Assurance Program, Peter Juhren, Vice President of Operations, Morrow Equipment, and Chris Smith, Corporate Service Manager/Director of Safety, Morrow Equipment
  • Getting the Most from Crane Rental Agreements, Robert Moore, Risk Manager/General Counsel, Southwest Industrial Rigging
  • Why Do Crane Accidents Happen? Jim Wiethorn, Chairman/Principal Engineer, Haag Engineering
  • Lift Planner – Putting the Puzzle Together, Joseph Kuzar, Technical Director, ITI

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