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Certification of Crane Operators
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This Month in History: Code of Ethics Established

March 2019—In March 2007, the NCCCO adopted a Code of Ethics that is intended to be a standard of professional behavior which all certificants adhere to. That original Code of Ethics has evolved over time (the current Code of Ethics can be found here), to cover not just operators, but all NCCCO certificants, and continues to be a cornerstone of the NCCCO commitment to program integrity.

The adoption of the Code of Ethics forged the path for the development of the Ethics and Discipline Committee. This Committee is tasked with looking into, and making decisions regarding, reported violations of the Code of Ethics. In 2018, NCCCO made the program even more robust by adding a phone Hotline (833-30-NCCCO) and email ( to report violations of the Code of Ethics.

Lifting operations carry great responsibility, and the industry relies on NCCCO through certification and policies such as the Code of Ethics to ensure these duties are conducted in a safe and ethical manner.