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Liebherr Sponsors NCCCO Calculators Again

April 2019—For the third consecutive year, Liebherr Cranes is generously providing sponsorship of calculators for NCCCO candidates to use on approved written certification exams at paper-pencil test administrations.

Calculators have been supplied for Mobile Crane Operator specialty exams since 2012 after NCCCO conducted a study that concluded that use of calculators on load chart calculations would be appropriate as long as basic arithmetic was being tested, without calculator use, on the Core exam. Since that study, many newly developed certification exams also allow use of a calculator including the Digger Derrick and Dedicated Pile Driver operator, Mobile Crane Inspector, Mobile and Tower Crane Lift Director, and Rigger Level II exams. For security reasons, only NCCCO-provided calculators may be used on the exams. “Liebherr’s sponsorship allows candidates to exhibit their understanding of crane load charts while preserving the security and integrity of the testing process,” said NCCCO President, J. Kerry Hulse. “NCCCO is indebted to Liebherr for their continuing support.”