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Frequently Asked Questions


If I do not pass my exams, am I allowed to test again?

Candidates are allowed to apply and take exams as many times as necessary for successful completion.

How long is the waiting period before I can retest?

Candidates who do not pass a written exam and need to retake the same exam in order to certify or recertify must wait four (4) weeks to retake the same exam.

Candidates who need to retake practical exams do not have a waiting period; they may simply work with a practical examiner to schedule at a time that is convenient.

Why is there a waiting period?

It is important that each candidate be tested fairly. This policy prevents candidates who are retesting from having an unfair advantage on an exam because they are already familiar with the content. Requiring a waiting period after a failed exam is best practice in the certification industry and utilized by most certification bodies that offer professional accreditations.

I failed my Mobile Crane Operator Specialty exam. May I retest sooner than four (4) weeks?

Candidates who must retake a Mobile Crane Operator Specialty exam have the option of taking the exam using a different load chart. For instance, a candidate who failed a Lattice Boom Truck (LBT) exam using the Link-Belt load chart may either wait four (4) weeks to retake the same exam or, without a waiting period, take the LBT exam using the Manitowoc load chart. This is true of all Mobile Crane Operator Specialty exams.

I failed my recertification exam and my certification expires before I’m permitted to retest; can I get an extension?

Certificants who fail a written exam required for recertification and whose expiration date does not permit them to wait four (4) weeks to retest will be required to take both the written and practical exams to be certified again. Extensions cannot be granted for recertification. Certificants are reminded that they may start the recertification process up to 12 months prior to their expiration date without “losing time” on their certification.

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