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Crane Inspector

Mobile Crane Inspector Written Exam - Sample Question Answers

Sample Question Answers:

  1. According to OSHA 1926 Subpart CC, how long are records of monthly crane inspections required to be retained?
  2. b. Three months

  3. Unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise, crane masts should be erected plumb to a tolerance of:
  4. b. 1:500

  5. If a qualified person determines a deficiency needs to be monitored, the employer must ensure the deficiency is checked at what intervals?
  6. d. Monthly

  7. If during the pre-erection inspection, the qualified person doing the inspection finds a crane component that is damaged or worn to the extent that it would create a safety hazard if used, the damaged component must not be used until it is repaired and:
  8. c. Re-inspected by the qualified person

  9. According to OSHA 1926 Subpart CC, which category I operational aid is required on mobile cranes manufactured after December 16, 1969?
  10. d. Boom hoist limiting device