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REGISTRATION DEADLINE EXTENDED for Digger Derrick Operator & Practical Examiner Accreditation Refresher—Operator Programs Workshops

April 10, 2017—NCCCO is pleased to announce the following Practical Examiner Accreditation Program workshops to be held in Danville, IN:

  • Digger Derrick Operator to be held May 16–18, 2017
  • Practical Examiner Accreditation Refresher—Operator Programs to be held May 15, 2017, for those Practical Examiners needing to re-accredit

NCCCO reviews all potential participants’ applications before admission to the Workshop is granted. All applications must include payment and resume or will be considered incomplete and will not be processed. This workshop is strictly limited to 15 participants. The workshop is filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Practical Examiner Accreditation Refresher—Operator Programs workshops are held the day before full Operator Accreditation workshops. They are designed to cover all operator programs, not just the program addressed by the full Workshop that is usually scheduled for the following day. For example, a Refresher Workshop held the day before a Digger Derrick Accreditation Workshop will meet all of the requirements for Examiners wishing to meet the refresher requirement for Mobile, Tower, Overhead, and Articulating Crane, Digger Derrick, and Service Truck Cranes. 

Deadline to Register:

The deadline to register for this workshop is May 4, 2017. Please fill out the Workshop Application and return it to NCCCO’s Salt Lake City Office via fax at 801-363-3806 or via email to in PDF format.

Note: Attendees at NCCCO Practical Examiner Accreditation Workshops are required to re-take and pass the Practical Exam(s) for the category(ies) in which they hold CCO certification and wish to receive accreditation as a Practical Examiner. These exams must be conducted in the presence of an NCCCO Auditor and will be administered during the audit. Attendees will have two attempts to pass the Practical Exam. Failure to pass the subsequent Practical Exam(s) will result in the revocation of your CCO certification for that category.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Jeniel Shaw.