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New York City Approves CCO Rigger, Signalperson Certifications

CCO Certification Meets Building Code Requirements

Fairfax, VA, December 1, 2015—The New York City Department of Buildings has announced it has approved CCO Rigger and Signalperson certifications for use in the City.

Specifically, the Department has stated that members of a rigging crew who possess valid CCO Rigger Level I and Signalperson certifications issued by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) fulfill the requirements of Section 3316.9.2 of the New York City Building Code.

In addition, individuals supervising rigging work in the City in accordance with Section 3316.9.1.1 of the Code who possess valid CCO Rigger Level II and Signalperson certifications fulfill the requirements of Section 3316.9.2 of the Code.

New York City’s Building Code requires individuals engaged in rigging work in New York City to complete a department approved training course or possess a department approved national certification.

UPDATE (2/3/16): NCCCO has already begun holding Rigger and Signalperson Practical Examiner Workshops in New York City in anticipation of the expected demand prior to the City’s July 1 deadline.

Download a PDF of the press release.