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Industry Forum Focuses on Personnel Qualifications

November 2015—The first NCCCO Industry Forum on Personnel Qualifications was an unqualified success according to those who attended the event in October.

Virtually all of the delegates considered the Forum, hosted by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators, met or exceeded their expectations, and an overwhelming majority said they would consider participating in future events.

The Forum, the first of its kind in the industry to focus entirely on the qualification of personnel working in construction, was held in Tysons Corner, Washington, DC, and featured presentations by senior staff with Federal OSHA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Regulatory affairs, test integrity and program development updates were provided by NCCCO staff, while in-depth presentations on the qualification of crane inspectors and lift directors were made by industry experts in their field.

RayFeidt2+CI slideV3-500x
In-depth presentations on the qualification of crane inspectors and lift directors were made by Ray Feidt (pictured) and Hank Dutton, respectively.

The Forum was designed as an interactive event, with questions of the presenters being invited from the floor. “Many in the industry do not often get the chance to meet and discuss one-on-one with those in federal government who make and/or enforce the standards they have to comply with,” said NCCCO Director of Operations, Joel Oliva. “The NCCCO Forum provided just such an opportunity.”

“We are extremely heartened at the reception to the inaugural NCCCO Forum,” said NCCCO CEO, Graham Brent, who cited the event as another example of NCCCO (in its 20th anniversary year) further fulfilling its mission to serve as an authoritative industry information resource. “We shall be laying plans for future events of this type,” he noted.