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NCCCO Launches 4-Star Recertificant Program

4-star-logo175x-clearSeptember 2015—NCCCO has introduced its 4-Star Recertificant Program recognizing crane operators who have recertified four times.

NCCCO 4-Star certificants are operators who have been continually certified since 1996, the first year that CCO certification became available. “It’s a remarkable achievement to be entering one’s 20th year of certification,” said NCCCO Director of Operations Joel Oliva. “Our hat goes off to all who qualify for this recognition.”

NCCCO announced earlier this year that the first 20 operators who recertify as 4-Star operators each month throughout the remainder of this year will receive a special 20th Anniversary Recognition Package including a limited edition ball cap, lapel pin, and commemorative decals.

The first group of recertificants qualifying for 4-Star recognition participated in NCCCO’s very first test administrations held on the first day of testing, in Indiana, in April 1996.