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Hosting Written Written Exams


Candidate Application Fees

The appropriate fees must be enclosed with the written exam Candidate Applications. Checks and money orders payable to NCCCO are preferred but credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, or AMEX) may also be used. Do not send cash. Please do not staple checks or money orders to the application form, but do include payment in the envelope with all the other application materials.

All returned checks that cannot be processed will be subject to a $30 fee.

Please see the “Exam Fees” page for each certification program for the applicable exam fees.


Candidates will be charged an additional $50 fee if their application is late.

Candidates will be charged an additional $25 fee if:

Candidates will be charged an additional $30 fee if:

  • Their application form is incomplete
  • They do not send in full payment
  • Their credit card cannot be processed for any reason
  • They want to add to or change the exams they want to take after scheduling has been completed (in addition to the exam fee)

All candidate application materials can be found in the appropriate Candidate Handbooks; these forms must be at NCCCO’s office according to the sample examination schedule outline.


Applications received after the application deadline, but at least four days prior to the exam administration date, are subject to a $50 late fee. This fee must be included with the late application.

For example, for a test administration on a Saturday, late applications that arrive at NCCCO’s testing office by 5:00 p.m. (ET) on the Monday evening prior to the test can be accepted. Candidate applications that arrive after that time cannot be accepted.

Walk-in candidates cannot be accepted under any circumstances.