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​Overhead Crane Operator

​Written Exam - Sample Questions

The following are sample test questions typical of the style and content of the questions used in NCCCO Written Examinations.

  1. Creating a braking motion by applying energy to reverse the motor is called:
    1. Stopping
    2. Plugging
    3. Inching
    4. Jogging
  2. A hook’s opening is called its:
    1. Latch gap
    2. Tongue
    3. Throat
    4. Mouth
  3. The OSHA CFR 29 standard relating to slings is:
    1. 1910.179
    2. 1910.181
    3. 1910.184
    4. 1910.198
  4. ASME B30.2 standards:
    1. Have no binding effect on the overhead crane industry
    2. Guide U.S. government and other regulatory bodies on overhead crane criteria
    3. Guide U.S. government and other regulatory bodies on tower cranes
    4. Are accepted internationally
  5. According to ASME B30.20, below-the-hook lifting devices shall be operated by:
    1. Reliable persons
    2. Trained persons
    3. Knowledgeable persons
    4. Anyone
  6. The weight markings must be identified on a structural or mechanical below-the-hook lifting device if the weight exceeds:
    1. 50 lb.
    2. ​100 lb.
    3. ​150 lb.
    4. ​200 lb.

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