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Lift Safety Zone

Lift Safety Zone - CONEXPO - CON/AGG 2011

Las Vegas, NV March 21 - 26

NCCCO presented the Lift Safety Zone (LSZ) with the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) and the Crane Certification Association of America (CCAA) in March 2011 at CONEXPO - CON/AGG. Located in Silver Lot 4 and open throughout the exposition, the LSZ provided expert advice on safe setup and operation and demonstrated some of the potential hazards associated with cranes and aerial lift platforms. Demonstrations of the Rigger Level I and Level II practical exams proved very popular with LSZ visitors. Several cranes and aerial work platforms were on display to help familiarize CONEXPO/CON-AGG attendees with the hazards associated with each. The new OSHA rules for cranes and derricks used in construction (29 CFR 1926 Subpart CC) specifically address general contractors’ increased responsibilities for disclosing ground conditions such as buried pipelines and hidden cavities, and the Lift Safety Zone tangibly demonstrated the consequences that can result when operators are not aware of underlying conditions.

During the show ENR’s Tudor Hampton caught up with NCCCO’s Executive Director, Graham Brent at the LSZ, to discuss NCCCO’s experience with the new Federal Crane Rule.




Check out some highlights from CONEXPO 2011: 


The Lift Safety Zone could be seen from almost anywhere on the Las Vegas Convention Center Grounds.

The Lift Safety Zone's information tent provided information on all current and developing CCO certification programs.

Subject matter experts were on hand during the entire show to provide demonstrations of the Rigger Certification Practical Exams and answer questions.

Demonstrations were given throughout the show of Task 4 of the Mobile Crane Practical Exam: the Zig Zag Corridor.

The Crane Simulator Room was a big hit with those interested in crane operation as well as those already in the industry. Pictured above is Simlog President, Paul Freedman, explaining the finer points of the simulator system.