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Tower Crane Operator Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I recertify?

As a nationally certified crane operator, you have demonstrated you are skilled and knowledgeable about crane operations. Employers increasingly prefer CCO-certified operators over others who are not certified. By recertifying at this time you will protect your valuable credential for the long term. And the new CCO photo-ID card you will receive will identify you to your co-workers and employers as someone who cares about what you do, and the way you do it. (top of page)

What happens if I don’t recertify?

If you don’t recertify by the deadline, your certification will expire. In order to be certified again in the future, you’ll have to take the full written and practical examinations over again. (top of page)

What do I have to do to recertify?

You’ll need to take a written recertification exam. You must also continue to meet physical requirements and comply with the substance abuse policy and the NCCCO Code of Ethics.(top of page)

What’s on the recertification written exam?

It’s a much shorter exam than you took to certify initially: there are just 30 multiple choice questions with a time limit of 45 minutes. (top of page)

Why is a written examination necessary?

It’s very important to keep up to date with advances in technology, as well as changes in standards and regulations. For that reason, many professions now require periodic training and examination. While the recertification exams cover the same areas of knowledge as the main exams, they’ve been updated to reflect the latest developments in technology as well as safety standards and practices. (top of page)

Do I have to take the practical exam?

Candidates who can document at least 1,000 hours of crane-related experience during their period of certification, do not need to take the practical exam to recertify.  Crane related experience is defined as operating, maintencane, inspection or training. (top of page)

What does recertification cost?

Recertification costs less than your initial certification: $150 for the recertification exam alone, or $50 if you are also taking the Mobile recertification exam. That’s the equivalent of just $10 - $30 per year over your five-year certification period. Cost of the Practical Exam is $50. (top of page)

How can I apply to take the written recertification examinations?

Recertification exams are available at regular test administrations. In the first instance, contact the Test Site Coordinator who set up your initial certification exams. If your employment circumstances have changed, ask your new employer to schedule a test, or have him call NCCCO for information on how to set up a test site. (top of page)

How will I know my certification is expiring?

Your CCO certification is good for five (5) years. Although it is your responsibility to be aware of your approaching expiration date, you’ll receive a letter from NCCCO notifying you of your certification status and your need to recertify. If you have moved since you were initially certified, please contact NCCCO with your change of address. (top of page)

How soon before my certification expires can I recertify?

You can take the written recertification exams, and if necessary the practical recertification exams, up to 12 months prior to your expiration date. (top of page)

When does my new 5-year certification period begin?

Regardless of when, during the 12 months prior to your expiration date, you pass the recertification exam, your 5-year recertification begins from the date your initial certification expired. (top of page)

What if I have more questions?

In most instances, your employer or Test Site Coordinator will be able to answer more detailed questions. Or, just send an email to NCCCO. (top of page)