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Policy Statements

Training Policy

Because of its third-party status as an independent provider of certification, the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) does not offer training. Third-party providers of services are generally prohibited from offering any related service because of a potential conflict of interest in the outcome of the certification process.

Nevertheless, NCCCO considers training to be vital to its goal of improving safety in the workplace. Indeed, one of its principal aims has been to stimulate the recognition for the need for professional instruction in the knowledge and skills that define crane operator competency.

NCCCO recommends any candidate or instructor wishing to prepare for the CCO certification exam to utilize the study materials listed in the Candidate Handbook, and to carefully review the Knowledge Areas listed there. NCCCO also strongly urges employers or candidates seeking training to submit the CCO Knowledge Areas to any training firm they may consider utilizing to ensure their curriculum matches the knowledge tested on the NCCCO exam.

While NCCCO is unable to recommend or endorse any particular training company, we have prepared a list of firms that have indicated they will offer preparatory training for the CCO certification exams.

Further guidance on identifying appropriate sources of training is available in the downloadable document Training Guidelines.