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Hosting a Practical Examiner Workshop

What does hosting a Workshop involve?

CCO Practical Examiner Accreditation Workshops are hosted by companies and organizations around the country. In order to host a Workshop, you will need to be able to provide a firm, level area, free of ground and overhead obstructions, and large enough to accommodate one crane for each of the three Mobile Crane categories or a Tower Crane. Lattice boom cranes generally require an area up to 100ft. x 150ft.; smaller telescopic cranes may need an area only 60ft. x 60ft. For the classroom activities, we will need a room large enough to comfortably accommodate around 20 participants, close by the outside area containing the crane(s), complete with TV andr DVD, white board or flip chart.

Do I need to supply the cranes?

Yes, the host site is responsible for providing a crane in each of the three exam categories: a lattice boom crane; a swing cab telescopic boom crane; and a fixed cab telescopic boom crane; or a hammerhead or self erecting tower crane. You must ensure they comply with all appropriate regulations and standards, including the inspection requirements of ASME/ANSI B30. You'll also need to have a crane operator on hand on the first day to demonstrate the practical test.

Who lays out the test site?

While the host site is responsible for laying out the site, CCO will provide you with detailed data and step-by-step instructions, including a CAD site plan. CCO personnel will guide you through the process of placement of the cranes and test materials.

Do my employees have to pay a Workshop registration fee?

In recognition of the time, labor and materials the host site contributes to the event, registration for up to two (2) of your employees is complimentary (depending on the type of workshop being hosted). Significant discounts apply if you can guarantee a minimum number of registrants. Please contact us for details.

Are there any other benefits?

CCO will be happy to provide press coverage of the event through our own newsletter and media contacts, and develop a press release for your own use. You will also receive an official CCO Plaque of Appreciation, recognizing your participation in the program. Moreover, as a result of preparing for the Workshop, you’ll be all set up as an official CCO Practical Exam Test Site and be ready to begin testing without delay.

How can I find out more?

Complete the proposal request form and email it to CCO. We'll email you a proposal containing further details of what’s involved - naturally, without any obligation. Or email Erin Jones, Practical Test Coordinator for further information.