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Lift Director

Written Exams Fees


Get complete instructions on how to apply for and take CCO certification written exams, practical exams, and recertification exams.

The information below is specific to the CCO Lift Director certification program.


For paper/pencil tests (PPT), the appropriate Written Exam fees must be enclosed with your Candidate Application. Checks, money orders, or credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express) may be used, but do not send cash. Please include your payment in the envelope with all the other application materials but do not staple the check or money order to the application form.

PPT Exam/Retest Fees:
Lift Director Core Exam $150
Lift Director Mobile Crane Specialty Exam $150
Lift Director Tower Crane Inspector Exam $150
Mobile Crane Operator Core Exam plus one Specialty Exam or Mobile Core Exam only (Specialty passed)
Mobile Crane Operator Core Exam plus two Specialty Exams $175
One Mobile Specialty Exam only (Core passed) $65
Two Mobile Specialty Exams (Core passed) $75
Tower Crane Operator Exam $165
Tower Crane Operator Exam (if currently CCO-certified Mobile Crane Operator or taking Mobile Crane Operator Core Exam at the same time)
Rigger Level II Exam $95
Rigger Level II Exam (current CCO-certified card holder or new candidate taking exam at same time as Lift Director exams) $75

Other PPT fees may apply if application is submitted late, candidate wishes to reschedule, or payment cannot be processed.