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Dedicated Pile Driver Operator

Written Exam - Sample Question Answers

Following are the answers to the Dedicated Pile Driver Operator Written Exam sample test questions:

  1. According to OSHA 1926 Subpart CC, where MUST the operator’s manual be located?
    1. Equipment cab
  2. The weights of load handling devices, such as chains, slings or shackles, are:
    1. Included as part of the load
  3. What type of hammer cannot be used to drive concrete piles?
    1. Drop
  4. For the LB-20-LRH100, what is the maximum radius a 59 ft. pile weighing 17,637 lb. can be placed in the current configuration (below)?
    Leader (forwards/backwards):  Vertical  Hammer Weight: 12,789 lb. 
    Leader (lateral):  Vertical  Rigging Weight:  75 lb.
    Radius:  ?
    Cylinder Length:  N/A
    1. Pile cannot be lifted in this configuration.